Marie Javorkova

Marie Javorkova

4,10 m x 2,10 m

Sri Vijan a Marie Javorkova - společná vernisáž 10.10.2016

Marie Javorkova

I'm from Czech Republic.I'm surrounded by natural beauty,... history,... architecture... I find inspiration from the simple beauty of everyday things and add interest by bringing those items to their extreme through an expression of dramatic color and exaggerated light.
When I begin each piece, I allow the paint and the colors to move me. I don’t typically have a carefully mapped out plan for each painting, but rather just an idea or a focal point that develops throughout the creation. Much of my recent work is created with a pallet knife, which can provide rich texture and intricate detail while still leaving a lot of room for your interpretation. I use oils and water colour etc. while painting on a variety of surfaces including canvas, paper, etc. My paintings for sale - please contact me. Thank you.


Vernisáž 10.5.2015 Brno, Zemanova kavárna

Premiéra úžasného filmu Domácí péče - excelentní Alena Mihulová a Bolek Polívka


JE SUIS CHARLIE by Marie Javorkova

14.5.2014 s famózním vědcem a úžasným člověkem RNDr. Jřím Grygarem, CSc.



- rozhovorovor s Marií Javorkovou a Nickem Javorkem synem
- soukromé fotografie
- obrazy

- Interview with Marie Javorkova and Nick Javorek son
- Private photos

- Paintings

Marie Javorkova

Marie Javorkova for Iveta Bartošová

Wien 9.10.2016


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04/08/2013 16:10
Fusionism by Marie Javorkova Marie Javorkova is the founder of Fusionism.


Press conference about exhibit Marie Javorkova for Michael Jackson

07/11/2011 16:21
Press conference about exhibit Marie Javorkova for Michael Jackson -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marie Javorkova for Michael Jackson :: MJ for MJ :: PRESS CONFERENCE 2011/12/06 Prague, Czech Republic Upcoming memorial exhibit of paintings::...

::TISKOVA KONFERENCE:: Marie Javorkova for Michael Jackson

07/11/2011 16:16
::TISKOVA KONFERENCE:: POZVANKA :: 6. 12. 2011 Praha Mili pratele, dovoluji si Vas pozvat na tiskovou konferenci k putovni celosvetove vystave originalu obrazu MJ for MJ :: Marie Javorkova for Michael Jackson. Jedna se o serii projekcnich obrazu, ktere malovala prazska malirka Marie Javorkova na...

Marie Javorkova for Michael Jackson :: MJ for MJ

13/06/2011 22:33
Upcoming memorial exhibition of paintings::  MJ for MJ  ::  Mary Javorkova for Michael Jackson.  Paintings for last concert in Michael Jackson's career. They are signed by Michael Jackson and Mary Javorkova. Everything is documented and authenticity can be clearly...

MJ - 兆焦耳

09/06/2011 05:30

Chcete se potkat s MJ ?

09/06/2011 05:18
Chcete se potkat s MJ ? 25.6.2011 Praha 2, nám. Míru od 13:00- 16:00 - neformální setkaní s MJ při malování a povídání. Krásný den Vám přeje, MJ

MJ - Marie Javorkova

19/05/2011 01:59


10/05/2011 13:45
Marie Javorkova MJ Propagujte i svojí stránku

Scoprire un mondo dell'arte, di emersione o gli artisti stabiliti ...

08/02/2011 16:32
Scoprire un mondo dell'arte, di emersione o gli artisti stabiliti ...  - [ Přeložit tuto stránku ] Mrs. Maria Javorkova has managed to draw a great p... (Debbie gallant, 10 January 2011, Portfolio Marie Javorkova). Its all About...


02/08/2010 07:23
EXPO SANTA FE OCTOBER 27-31- 2010 and WAF EXPO VEGAS III October 1-8, 2010 at the Las Vegas Art District  
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